aim high.

2 days, 2 bagels.
if i could have consumed more, i probably would have. i love that this ess-a-bagel has the sesame seeds on the bottom. what happened? who knows? it was fucking delicious.
bagel day #2 included a jaunt to my favorite coffee truck for a big mud mocha. i lucked out on that one, staying in my borrowed pied-à-terre on 13th street.

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

Did you taste the sesame seeds more, with them coating the bottom of the bagel? It probably doesn't matter, because you're chewing it up and stuff. Mmm, sesame bagels. THE BEST. Damn, now I want an egg/cheese bagel. TOASTED.

We should both have one, and be sitting across a kitchen table from each other. And you can tell me all about the Michelada. While we drink some kind of breakfast beer without tomato juice OR clamato or anything messed up like that.


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