not sure it's better.

food executives are starting to take initiative, making changes to product labeling, moving the information to the front of the package. but, is it any easier to read? better information? do the consumers know what to do with it?

michelle obama apparently challenged food manufacturers to make this change. originally a conversation that included the FDA, the federal government moved too slowly (again!) and so industry took matters into their hands.

what do we think? it's not the labeling i had hoped. read the whole story here.

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Lindsey said...

Interesting. I enjoyed this article, thanks Shlee. Food labels have the same problem as libraries: the need to stuff a ton of information - and information ABOUT the information - into a very small space.

The "Nutrition Keys" are pretty damn distilled. Where's fiber? Where's protein? What will they do about healthy fats vs. non-healthy fats? Why do food labels always nutrition science?

I agree with included sodium, sugars, and overall calories. I'd rather they call sugars "carbohydrate", because "sugars" is very general. Simple sugars or refined sugars? That's the difference between an apple and a candy bar. Important. Pretty damn important.


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