wishes come true.

there was a hell of a lot of indulging during my visit. i pretty much got to choose where we went every time we went out. which was every day. and i told yelena and kat i wanted to brunch at what i could only call "the new freemans." it's called peels.

southern food is super "in" in new york, and i had been avoiding it because, well, i live in the south, and that's what we've got down here. but i really wanted to try this place.

i ate the "greens and eggs:" poached eggs with creamed collards and hen-of-the-wood mushrooms and onions. and a biscuit. seriously, one of the best meals i had in new york.
and a michelada, which is kind of a summery drink, but you can't really go wrong with beer in a huge glass dipped in spices. and a cute waiter who continuously refills your coffee.


Lindsey said...

Spiced beer for breakfast? With creamed collards and maitake mushrooms and eggs? DAMN, that sounds good. I mean, really really good. In good company, too.

Lindsey said...

I was reading that Anheuser Busch might or may be already selling a bottled Michelada involving Clamato and lime...did your beer contain tomato juice? I ask with trepidation. I totally understand a beer with lime, but a beer with tomato juice is beyond my understanding.


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