and then, blake said

that if i ever had my own restaurant, i would offer a fried egg on top of anything for $1.50. anything the customer wanted.

he's so smart, that trivia-winning whippersnapper. i would do just that. everything is better with a fried egg on top. at least everything savory.


Lindsey said...

would you give me a brownie with a fried on top if I asked?

regardless of your answer, i think topping anything savory with an egg for 1.50 is a swell idea. All the vegetables in the world, with an egg or two on top! LOVE IT. SO HUNGRY.

A good egg, too. Pasture-raised and organic and stuff. OBVIOUSLY.

That Blake. He's a good one.

ashley said...

i would. i would let them eat a brownie with an egg on top. i might even try a bite.

on that note, i dreamed about casey's hens last night. i can't remember the details.


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