all i ever wanted.

veselka. new years day. with my favorite russian and her boyfriend, a potential descendant of the moors (moops, perhaps).

the deluxe vegetarian: 3 pierogis (potato, cheese, mushroom & sauerkraut), kasha with mushroom gravy, meatless stuffed cabbage. christmas borscht. a salad with some sort of dill dressing. sour cream.

all of my favorite foods. and people.
we laugh as the glass of orange juice is so small, even for a child.

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Lindsey said...

Juice glasses started out small like shots, I think. Don't get much juice from an orange or two.

Your food sounds so delish. Borscht and pierogies - which I've never had, but I imagine it's a dumpling so how can you go wrong - and kasha. YUM.


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