roommate #20.

you might have been my roommate. i've had 20, i think. i might have forgotten some in my count. this is my newest roommate, shira. SO expected. we should have done this in august.
we are close to having a complete apartment. the kitchen is predominately finished but the living room is lacking furniture. we welcoming couch donations. and coffee tables, if you have one to give away.

so, first meal on pleasant drive. there was no kitchen table last week, so we sat on the floor and ate on a box; it was very japanese-seeming.
fried eggs with buttery potatoes, sauteed red chard + onions, toast with farmhouse cheddar.
casey looks hungry. like he moved a lot of things. which he did. so i fed him.

also, it's pretty cold in my new apartment, so all the new photos include hats.


Tina said...

why is it cold in your apartment?

ashley said...

it just is.

Lindsey said...

CUTE. So many eggs you make. You're an eggs-pert. HA. Looks delicious and mouth-watering. As usual.


Lindsey said...

Also, are you and Shira actually the same person? Can I see a photo of you two showing both your faces at once? I don't want this to be like Nic Cage and Travolta in Face/Off.

ashley said...

we are not the same person. you think we look alike?


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