baked chocolate yum.

baked sunday (#4 for me, #6 for everyone else).

double chocolate loaf with creamy peanut butter spread.
so easy. so delicious. you will want to make this all the time; it's just so awesome.

you can get the recipe via the link above.
i hand-chopped what seemed like tons of chocolate. opening all those bars made me feel as though i worked in veruca salt's father's company, searching for her golden ticket. (she's, easily, my favorite character. i LOVE that movie.)
and there you go! the cake. on my marimekko plate that matches my childhood sheets. weird, huh? i found those plates in the thrift store yesterday and almost died.
i also thrifted these fancy glass plates with matching glasses that fit onto them. PERFECT for double chocolate loaf with peanut butter cream cheese spread. and coffee.

but the cake! the cake! the loaf. the oversized brownie. whatever you want to call it. fantastic.

a bit more than one hour 15 minutes in the oven, but the house smelled so sweet the entire way.

my week is going to taste delicious.


Tina said...

i may have to make this...even though dad doesn't eat peanut butter! more for me :)

Kris' Kitchen said...

Enjoyed your post. I just love this recipe!

Dabbling In The Delicious said...

i thought the same thing about opening and chopping all that chocolate! it was definitely worth it though, yours looks great!

Lindsey said...


Lindsey said...

I keep coming back to look at pics of this thing. If you get sick of it - yeah right - send me a slice in the mail. I'm serious. One slice wrapped in plastic, slid into a bubble-mailer or something. With a little pat of peanut butter stuff. Just in case you need to get rid of one slice, you know?

I can't make a loaf for myself, because I would eat it all. And trying not to eat refined carbs anyway, but then you post this thing on your blog, and it's driving me batty. Looks so amazing.

Lynne said...

LOVES your post! the pictures of lovely ... and I'm happy you had a delicious week :0)


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