first breakfast home.

i couldn't be bothered to get my camera, so i used photobooth. but, this breakfast was awesome: roasted yukon gold potatoes, sauteed green beans and mushrooms, a fried egg (store-bought), carrots, and a slice of rye toast with brie.

on that note, i thought a lot about whether i should buy the brie. i usually buy tamer cheeses for my lunches--partially because i tend to buy less expensive cheeses for sandwiches and partially because i don't like to have stinky lunches. i don't want to offend.

but is brie offensive? brie de meaux is MUCH stinker, tastier. and all those varieties i ate in france that smelled like the roller rink. the absolute best.

but probably not lunch-appropriate. maybe only in france.


Lindsey said...

Wait, the good brie smells LIKE A ROLLERRINK? Can you describe? Is it sweaty and leathery? Or...I don't even know. Like a taxi?

ashley said...

like feet.


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