cabin fever.

an update to come on our new year's cabin vacation in the adirondacks. pictured above are some of the many whisky and ginger ales (with icicles as ice!) we consumed.

but also, the year closed out with:

  • christmas eve dinner with casey's entire family in a restaurant only to be followed by christmas day festivities with even more family and then christmas part 3.  what? 
  • a trip to the genesee brewery for genny cream ales and other beer snacks. (and many more beers.)
  • bowling (poorly) and greasy fries. 
  • a surprising amount of italian food.
  • loads of coffee (some from pods). 
  • vegetarian chili from casey's mama.
  • cheez-its and potato chips and trail mix and hard-boiled eggs and a million random things on the road.
i don't know what i ate for the last two weeks. i'll get on that cabin update. 

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