poor man's chili.

ok, first of all, in the foreground of this photograph is another dose of that cauliflower. it's just that good.

also, no photographs of casey in a while, i know. that guy lives in DC now.

but, really, you are here for chili. we're both vegetarians, which works out pretty awesomely because we can do fun things like share dishes in restaurants and no one is upset that the chili has no beef. (no, i didn't date any vegetarians before him. not for real, at least. on that note, i don't even know very many vegetarians anymore, especially not men; they all (male + female) jumped ship around age 30 or so.)

casey kept calling it poor man's chili because we made it so fast. we didn't use dried beans or let it cook all day or anything. we'd been hiking in umstead park all afternoon and practically got locked in there and it was dark by the time we returned. but he had some canned beans from his two weeks of camping and cross-country travel and i had a can of tomatoes with green chilis. we cooked onions and garlic in a bit of olive oil and threw in the cans of black and kidney beans, as well as the tomatoes. i tossed in a TON of chili powder, as well as salt and pepper. we threw it on top of some brown rice and topped it all with mild cheddar, because it's what was in the fridge. done. easiest dinner ever. filling and delightful.

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