doggy-dog world.

shira thinks i am just one step away from making my own dog food over here. i promise that is not true, but i do have homemade dog biscuits in the oven as we speak (it's 8am). the recipe is from the barefoot contessa (obvs) and it is super easy. (i did substitute ground flax for wheat germ because that's what i had. and i didn't pu the egg wash on top because my pup would not care about their beauty.)

i was *this close* to buying dog biscuits the other day when i saw that for the ones i'd actually want to feed my dog, they contain the same ingredients (almost) as people cookies. and then i thought it was dumb to invest when i had all of the ingredients at home. and it took all of 15 minutes.

yes, i've made this recipe before for casey's pup (just out of love) but he's not really into peanut butter (insanity) but i am certain chloe will love them.

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