yes, those.

i am eating the beet greens. it suddenly seems so silly to throw them out (well, into the compost). and they wilt quicker than other greens and that's totally annoying. 

but i am eating them. mostly sauteed with olive oil and salt thus far. and, truthfully, they are delicious. a little like a love affair occurred between swiss chard and a beet. 
additionally, i am back on the fried egg sandwiches. i don't think i left them, but they haven't made so many appearances here in a while. this sandwich is seeded ciabatta (too seedy, actually, if that's a thing)  with melted mozzarella, the sauteed beet greens, and a fried egg (cooked in the oil/greasiness leftover from the greens, which is why there are leaves already stuck to the egg). 

trust me on this one. 

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