the martin jay.

as mentioned, casey and i spent the end of 2012 in a cabin in the adirondacks. without electricity. i had long thought that a cocktail made with porter and bourbon would be delicious and this was seemingly the time for experimentation. 

start with a small glass (likely, a rocks glass) with one ice cube. we used a chunk of icicle, but you might not have access to such whimsy. 

add about an ounce and a half of bourbon or whisky. we used buffalo trace, but since it's a mixed drink, you could probably use blue state or even jack, if you must.
fill the glass 2/3 of the way with  porter. we used port city porter (from DC) but any delicious porter will do. nothing too sweet. none of those vanilla ones.

add a splash of ginger ale--preferably a spicy one. we had reed's ginger ale with us in the cabin but blenheim would rock as well. 
stir with your camping knife. do it while wearing flannel. it's really quite delicious. we've named it the martin jay, after the owner of our cabin and the town nearest to it.

p.s. sorry the lighting in the photos is weird. we only had fire and candlelight and that teeny light you can see above and the photographs just did not do what i wanted.

p.p.s. this year, i am hoping to stop taking so many photos with my phone and go back to the camera. those photos are just no good when you look at them on any screen bigger than the phone. and the filters make it all worse.

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