i am going to tell you something.

do you ever just do something one day and you are like, "why have i never done this before? it's the most delicious thing i have ever consumed." welcome to my last week.

i bought a cauliflower last week. i never do this because they are expensive (way more so than broccoli). it might be the cooperative, but i was in a trader joe's and they were still not cheap, but cheaper than i'd seen in a while. so i bought one. it should be noted that i love cauliflower (i'd probably eat it boiled and stinking up my apartment, but that's not usually necessary) but i love a lot of things i choose not to buy because of price. (there's an economics dissertation in there somewhere, but i don't study economics, at least not purposefully.)

but i digress. what did i do to the cauliflower? i know you want to know. 

i chopped a big chunk of cauliflower and drizzled (who says that?) olive oil over it, as well as sea salt and black pepper. and mixed it all up so the cauliflower was coated. and i had some pecorino in the fridge, so i chopped up some pieces. and tossed them in the pyrex as well. i put the whole thing in the toaster oven for 15? 20? minutes. i have no idea. but it was the best thing i've come up with in a while. there are no detailed photos, as i wanted to eat it steaming hot. i have no idea what else i ate for dinner with it; that's how delicious this dish is (yes, i am ending that sentence in a preposition. gimme a break.)

there's no more cauliflower. i kept making this over and over until the entire head was gone, even making it for casey with a mix of cauliflower and broccoli. yes, it's divine like that, too. he's been calling it "the infamous cauliflower." big love. for the boy and cauliflower.

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